What are your business hours?

  • Enlightened Allegiance is available Sunday-Friday 7AM-10PM. All Messages sent Via Email (Enlightened.Allegiance@gmail.com) or Facebook Messenger will be answered within a hour during the listed business hours. If contacted outside of the listed business hours, we will respond as soon as we are available to do so.

How long is the processing time?

  • Once we have received payment for your order, the processing time is 3-4 Business days before shipping. If for whatever reason the processing time is longer, an email will be sent.

What are the differences in the "Design Color" options?

  • We currently have three different design color options: regular, metallic or flock/suede. The regular option is a semi-glossy texture that lays flat on to material. The flock/suede option is a suede soft texture that is raised slightly off of the material. The metallic options are semi-glossy texture that lays flat on to material.

Where can I send emails about products?

  • The email address to reach us about any concerns or issues is: Enlightened.Allegiance@gmail.com 

How/Where can I leave a review? And How do I submit a photo for "Hustler of the Month"?

  • You can leave a review and your pictures on:
  • Facebook page: @Enlightened.Allegiance
  • Instagram page: @Enlightened.Allegiance
  • Don't forget to hashtag #enlightenedAllegiance #revolutionaryHustler when leaving your comments and your pictures to be featured as "Hustler of the Month".

How can I receive free shipping and discounts?

  • Sign up for the Enlightened Allegiance Newsletter at the bottom of the webpage for up to date sales, discount codes and free shipping offers. All new and preorder items will be sent exclusively to Newsletter customers before going up on the website!

Can I order items in bulk?

  • Yes! Any purchase of 10 like items (10 T-shirts, 10 Hoodies, etc..) will have a discount code. In order to receive the discount code you must email ( Enlightened.Allegiance@gmail.com ) BEFORE placing order. Once we receive the email stating the quantity (10 or more) you would like to order, we will send you a personalized, one time use discount code. If for any reason you order less than the required amount and used the discount code, your order will be canceled and your money returned!

Can I order a customized item (name, company name or team)?

  •  Any order may be customized, you must pick the specific customization that you want. An email may be sent to you for more details on your order (placement, size or color). If you would like a customized item with a logo or name please email a picture of the logo for prices and options. 

Are kids items available?

  • Kids items are available but are special order, which means the item may not be readily available and may take up to a week to processed and shipped.

Please refer to the sizing charts before ordering items. Some items may run bigger or smaller than normal.